For Veterinarians Who Are Looking at Options

& Considering A Change.

Next Step Vet was created by a leader in the New Zealand Veterinary Industry, Steve Oehley, to help vets feeling stuck in their career, the opportunity to design a rewarding and fulfilling career - leading to more joy and fulfilment inside and outside of work.

If all we did was focus on your career development this would be great!

But because we specialise specifically in helping vets, we have a depth of understanding of who we serve and the challenges they face that is genuinely world-class.

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The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Unique Strengths as a Vet:

This guide is essential reading for veterinarians who are considering changing roles, but feel lost for options.

It will help you gain a clearer understanding of your strengths & create opportunities in your vet career.

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Spots are limited.

Doors open July 8, 2024

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