Meet Vet Recruiter & Career Coach:
Hey, I'm Steve!


I'm a recruiter & career coach specifically for vets, but most importantly, I'm a vet. with 10 years experience in the New Zealand vet industry.

I've walked the path you're in. Experiencing the stress, the self-doubt and the anxiety that comes with being in a job that takes all your energy from you. Long hours, demanding clients, and overstepped boundaries.

In a role not well aligned to who I was as a person, I sought professional help. In doing this work, I discovered alternative options for my vet career, landed an industry role as well as clinical roles better suited to my strengths. I now have created a business specifically helping vets with the same challenges I faced. I've designed a rewarding and fulfilling career - without leaving the vet industry!

It's not an impossible dream. It's not something no other vet has ever achieved. With the right awareness, tools, and process you can discover a future vet role & career where you're happy and take control of your life.

The best thing about it is that it’s possible for all veterinary professionals, regardless their age, experience level, or position they find themselves in. It just requires a roadmap.


Next Step Vet provides you with the roadmap.

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